Dr. Volker L. Deringer 学术报告
2017-06-02 16:46:18

TitleAn Introduction about Humboldt Foundation from Germany

Time: 19:00-21:00 pm, Jun. 3rd, 2017

Location: NEW MSE Building, No. 03 Meeting Room

Invited SpeakerDr. Volker L. Deringer


Dr. Volker Deringer is aHumboldt Scholarat University of Cambridge, UK, and has recently been awarded with a prestigious Early Career Fellowship and will work as a Principle Investigator at University of Cambridge soon. Dr. Deringer has studied theoretical physics and chemistry of solids at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, during 2011-2014. In 2014, he obtained his doctoral degreewith distinction. Dr. Deringer did a one-year postdoctoral research in Aachen, and obtained the support by theHumboldt foundationto carry out research work at University of Cambridge.

Graduate students and faculty members are highly welcome to attend the upcoming seminar, and get an overview on how to apply for the prestigiousHumboldt Fellowship.


时间:2017年6月3号 晚19:00-21:00


邀请报告人:Volker L.Deringer


Volker Deringer博士于2011年-2014年在德国亚琛工业大学学习固体物理化学理论,于2014年获得博士学位,并得到德国博士学位最高荣誉Summa Cum Laude。随后,Volker博士在亚琛工业大学Richard Dronskowski教授及Matthias Wuttig课题组进行博士后进修,并于2015年获得洪堡基金的资助于英国剑桥大学从事研究员工作。Volker博士已获得Early Career Fellowship并被剑桥大学聘任为独立研究员将于2017年后半年正式开展工作。Volker博士不仅仅学术成就极高,对洪堡基金更是具有非常全面的了解!